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Man-o-Salwa Pdf Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed Free Download

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Man-o-Salwa Pdf
Man-o-Salwa is a famous Urdu novel written by the famous Umera Ahmed. This Urdu novel is now available here for free download and read online as well. Man-o-Salwa Pdf Urdu novel is a long Urdu fiction story written by Umera Ahmed. The writer Umera Ahmed has a significant space among the Urdu novelists in Pakistan. Many novels of Umera Ahmed gone viral after publishing. She is one of the most selling author in Pakistan. This Urdu novel "Man-o-Salwa" is a social romantic story. The story of Man-o-Salwa is all about a girl Zainab's love for her cousin Sheraz, both are also engaged with each other but due to a misconception, the relationship gets break. What happens next? for the answer Download Man-o-Salwa Urdu Novel from the table below the following sample pages.

Screenshots/Pages of the Urdu novel "Man-o-Salwa" by Umera Ahmed

screenshot/preface of Man o Salwa Urdu Novel

screenshot of Man o Salwa Urdu Novel Pdf

screenshot of Man o Salwa Urdu Novel Pdf

Book Name
Author Name
Umera Ahmed
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11.55 MB
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