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Parai Beti Pdf Urdu Novel by Ahmed Iqbal Free Download

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Parai Beti
Parai Beti is the title name of this Urdu novelette which is written by Ahmed Iqbal. Parai Beti novel is available here in Pdf file for free download and read online. Ahmed Iqbal has written this novel in a very realistic way. This is a short story of a young girl.

The story of Parai Beti Urdu Afsana is very interesting. The story begins when the police are taking an accused from Rawalpindi to Lahore via train in a severe minus 4-celsius cold weather at midnight. The train goes into an accident. This is a short story of 35 pages. You can read the story in 1 to two hours. Don't miss to read this beautiful fiction Urdu story written by Mr. Ahmed Iqbal.

The Urdu novel Parai Beti by Ahmed Iqbal is in Pdf format. You can free download the Pdf copy of this novel from the table at the end of this post. Following are two screenshots that show how the story is interesting.

Screen-shots/Pages of the Urdu Novel "Parai Beti" by Ahmed Iqbal

Sample page of Parai Beti Novel

Sample page of Parai Beti Novel
Book Name
Parai Beti
Author Name
Ahmed Iqbal
Total Pages
Pdf File Size
1.7 MB
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