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Turkey Me Abbasi Pdf by Qamar Ali Abbasi Free Download

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Turkey Me Abbasi
Turkey Mein Abbasi is a famous Urdu travelogue/Safarnama written by Mr. Qamar Ali Abbasi. Turkey Me Abbasi Urdu book is available here in Pdf file for free download and online reading. The title name "Turkey Mein Abbasi" means The Abbasids in Turkey". The author Mr. Qamar Ali Abbasi is himself Abbasid. He has traveled to many countries and written many Urdu books about his journeys.

Turkey Me Abbasi is all about the stories and experiences of Qamar Ali Abbasi in Turkey. Turkey is a Muslim and a friendly country to Pakistan. Qamar Ali Abbasi has written about Abbasids of Turkey in this Urdu book.

The Urdu book "Turkey Me Abbasi" by Qamar Ali Abbasi is here in Pdf. You can free download and read online this Urdu book from the table at the end of this post. Following are screenshots/pages from the Pdf file.

Screen-shots/Pages of the Urdu Book "Turkey Mein Abbasi" by Qamar Ali Abbasi

Sample page of Turkey Me Abbasi
Sample page of Turkey Me Abbasi

Sample page of Turkey Me Abbasi
Book Name
Turkey Me Abbasi
Author Name
Qamar Ali Abbasi
Total Pages
Pdf File Size
1.35 MB
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