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Sada Bahar Lateefay Pdf Urdu Jokes Book Free Download

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Sada Bahar Lateefay
Sada Bahar Lateefay is an Urdu book, all about Urdu jokes. All the Urdu jokes in this book are compiled by Mr. Mohammad Affan who worked hard to collect funny Urdu Jokes. Sada Bahar Lateefay is the title name which indicates to jokes forever. There are short funny jokes in this Urdu book. The Jokes are written one after one. There are approximately 700 to 900 jokes in a single Pdf file size of 2.08 Mbs only.

Sada Bahar Lateefay is for all those people who love to be happy and love to read Urdu jokes and comedy. Not all jokes are so funny but some jokes from this book will make you laugh.

Sada Bahar Lateefay by Mohammad Affan is in Pdf file. You can free download and read online this Urdu book from the table below just after the sample pages.

Screen-shots/Pages of the Urdu Jokes Book "Sada Bahar Lateefay" by Mohammad Affan

sample page of Sada Bahar Lateefay

sample page of Sada Bahar Lateefay
Book Name
Sada Bahar Lateefay
Author Name
Mohammad Affan
Total Pages
Pdf File Size
2.08 MB
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